Curtain Wall

We manufacture customized facade systems for various complicated fenestrations, and we evaluate and implement interface options with neighboring structure materials to provide our customers with a skillful and visually beautiful installation. To provide high performance solutions for new and rebuilt structures, the curtain walls are externally and internally closed with frame flanges and manufacturer infusion molded vulcanized junction connections.

Aluminum Clading

Airwerks aluminum manufactures honeycomb panels that are exceptionally light weight and simple to assemble. There are several finishes accessible, including all RAL colors, anodized, mirror, wood grain appearance, carbon, and many more. Sizes for very huge panels and exceptionally flat panels are both feasible. Other materials, such as aluminum, titanium, and copper, can be utilized with our panels.

Glass Canopy And Skylight

Airwerks is equipped to provide a broad variety of alternatives when it refers to glass walls and ceilings. As technology progressed, many magnificent edifices today feature substantial and beautiful expansions. They are ideal for public constructions ranging from restaurants to movies, apartment buildings, and even theatres, since they provide a creative variety that allows our technological skill to grow and shine.

Shower Screen

Airwerks aluminum manufactures semi-frameless and totally frameless shower screens. Shower screens and shower doors in sliding, pivoting, and unframed styles are available from us. Choosing the proper shower screen may create or shatter your bathroom decor, so consult with our professionals to learn about the entire selection of glass shower screens available.

Architecture Windows/Doors

We provide a comprehensive selection of planned and produced aluminum window and door systems for residential and commercial applications. We are a full-service windows and doors provider with a single point of contact for furnishing, assembly, historic permissions, and shop drawings. We are mindful of the historical structures of the buildings and provide goods and services that adhere to that history.

Aluminum Louvres And Sun Screen

We are a louvre manufacturer specialized in architectural building wall louvres, hurricane louvres, louvred sunshades, outside sun monitoring systems, and roof apparatus screens. Aluminum Screen Design takes pleasure in creating high-quality aluminum panels at reasonable building costs. There is no such thing as a little or large work; our objective is simply to surpass your expectations.

Glazing Works

We provide an increased range of Aluminum Glazing in a variety of forms, sizes, colors, and designs; the offered glazing is made from high grade aluminum in accordance with the defined quality requirements. We also provide customization options for this glazing. Our glazing is well-known for its fundamental characteristics, such as moisture-resistant finish, flat texture, and prolonged active system.


Aluminum pergolas come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes at Airwerks Aluminum. You may choose between an operational type that moves up and down so you can adjust the shade, a 70% shade, and a solid pergola to prevent the rain, sunlight, and even snow off your terrace while still providing the elegance and flair of a pergola.


Our precisely constructed Aluminum Partitions are frequently used to split a space into two or more partitions in company headquarters, houses, and other institutions. These dividers are made of high-grade aluminum, which has numerous features such as corrosion resistance and impact toughness. Our Aluminum Partitions are not only strong, but they also add an appealing aspect to the space.


Airweks Aluminum provides aluwood aluminum systems, which combine the aesthetics of wood with the benefits of aluminum, resulting in a product that lasts for many years. Our services provides windows, doors and curtain walls. These services satisfy your modernism, refinement, safety standards, and also a smart accent for your house that contains design and a wind of environment.